Make Lashes Look Fuller

This is an oldie-but-goodie from Prevention magazine, by make-up artist Bobbi Brown:

Question: How can I make my eyelashes look fuller?

Answer: Double line your eyelids: This eyeliner trick creates the illusion of fullness by darkening the roots of lashes, whereas the alternative–extra mascara–often leaves a clumpy spider-eye effect. Use an eyeliner brush to apply a dark powder shadow (brown or charcoal appear more natural than black) to each upper lid.

Make sure the line is thick and smudgy, which adds more depth than one that’s skinny. Then, dampen the brush and, using a stamping motion, layer a thinner line over the first line. Repeat on your bottom lids; finish with a coat of thickening mascara.

Something I like to try is using liquid liner first, then going back over that line with my Sephora Liner Electro in Black Electro. This darkens and deepens the line, adds some subtle sparkle, and definitely makes my eyes stand out.


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