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Eye Make Up Colors for Your Eye Color

Since the results of my current poll (at right) are that my readers consider liquid eyeliner the most difficult make-up product to apply, I was searching for more tips on applying liquid eyeliner. Instead I found this great, short article about choosing make-up colors to compliment your eye color, from

Eyeliner should be a must-have staple in every girl’s makeup kit. Eyeliner allows you to shape, define and emphasize your eyes. Using different shades of eyeliner also allows you to change the look of your eye color. Blue eyes look bluer with brown shades of pencil, while green eyes pop with dark shades of plum. Using different tones on brown eyes will pick up golden flecks or brighten a deep dark brown eye.

Click here for the full article, with specific color ideas and suggestions for different eye colors.

Here are some tips for liquid eyeliner from this article:

When using liquid eye liner, (this is my specialty :), The first thing you should do is make sure the brush is extremely thin! If it isn’t, your line will be too thick and hard to manage while putting on.

It’s best to buy cosmetics from stores that will take them back. Or ask on cosmetic message boards what others like. I have found, after trying virtually every brand on the market, that wetn’wild has the best thin tipped brush out there! And the color doesn’t peel off like some other liquid eyeliners.

Wipe the excess off when you pull the brush out of the tube. I find that if you wipe access on a clean piece of plastic, when you need to re-load the bush, use the extra that was left on the plastic. It not only saves on the eye liner but you can control how much is on your brush. Plus you can avoid tainting the liner in the tube with germs.

Always apply liquid eye liner after eyeshadow application and allow to dry before applying mascara.

Use liquid eye liner on top and pencil for the bottom.

My personal favorite: L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black.


Savvy Nail Lacquer: Golden Honey

I haven’t been inside a Sally Beauty Supply store in a long time, but I wandered into one this weekend on a quest for a new, unique nail polish, something I don’t usually wear, something different from the row upon row of nail polish I already have (mostly reds and dark pinks).

I really like the Orly nail polish they sell there, but I spotted a bottle of Savvy Nail Lacquer in Golden Honey and was hooked. I like its gold sheen without an overt, futuristic metallic glint, and thank god, no glitter!

Since I have fair skin and dark hair, I have stayed away from gold tones, favoring silver. I did my nails last night and love how this color looks against my skin. It’s a luxurious gold color, very holiday-appropriate, pretty and classy.

I like the heavy, square glass bottle too. I thought the brush could have been fuller to make application easier and faster, but no real major complaints.

The nail polish was $3.99 at the store but is slightly cheaper if you have a Beauty Club Card.

Jennifer Connelly in Marie Claire

Okay, okay, in a recent post, I made it very clear that my opinion of women’s fashion magazines (hell, men’s fashion magazines, too) is in the gutter due to the unrealistic, downright dangerous and insulting, cookie-cutter images shoved down our throats from their glossy pages.

But I must confess, today I picked up the December issue of Marie Claire for the sole reason that Jennifer Connelly is on the cover. I haven’t even read the article about her yet, so I can’t say one way or another how that is, but the photos are interesting. I have always found actresses’ and models’ poses to be very awkward and unnatural, but I love the black-and-white photos and her dark, dramatic eye make-up. It borders on the black gunk that football players smear under their eyes, but hey, it looks good in photos.

Hair Care Mistakes

Here are some common hair care mistakes to avoid, from

Dark roots:
If you color your hair, plan on maintenance. This means touching up your roots as they grow out.

Pulling your hair back too tight:
Leave some slack when pulling your hair back into a pony tail or bun. If it’s too tight, it looks strict and may even give you a headache.

Thinking the hair color sample on the box will give you the same results:
Many factors play into the outcome of your hair color. Perms, other processing, and the amount of time you leave it in will all make a difference. If your hair doesn’t match the box’s sample color when you’re done, it’s probably because the model has a different natural hair color than your own.

And a few more, from

Not having you hair trimmed regularly:
…avoiding the salon can lead to split ends which travel up to the shaft, leaving hair looking damaged and unruly. The irony of dodging the salon chair is that if you do it for too long, you might eventually have to have far more of your hair chopped off than you would have because it will be in such bad condition.

Not conditioning regularly:

At 8 in the morning when you’re running late for work, it’s all to tempting to use shampoo and be done with it, but neglecting the conditioner will eventually take its toll. A daily conditioner helps to detangle and add shine to the hair, while an intensive conditioner used regularly will help to repair any damage and keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. Avoid either and your hair will look frizzy and damaged.

Frazzling your locks:

Heated appliances cause more damage to hair then any other factor, so we should all be in the habit of using a heat defence spray whenever we reach for the hairdryer, flat irons or tongs. Sadly for many, using a protective styling product is too much like hard work and for them, ruined locks are just around the corner!

Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume

A few weeks ago, I posted about the samples of John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner I had received, and I promised a product review after I had a chance to test drive them for a few more days.

John Frieda’s website promises that this product delivers 110% more fulness; 50% more thickness; and 90% more lift.

I emptied the samples and was disappointed, because I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have fine hair that tangles easily, and finding the right balance in a conditioner (strong enough to make my hair soft, but not so heavy it weighs it down and makes it limp) is quite a challenge. I tried this shampoo and conditioner together for about 3 days, since the samples are pretty small.

The Luxurious Volume conditioner is, in a word, awesome. I didn’t expect to see much difference after one use, but I noticed right away that my hair felt lighter, and actually did seem fuller. Now, did my hair reach the skyscraper volume of the model in the ads? Of course not. But I was able to get a comb through it without wrestling, crying, or swearing, which is always a significant improvement, and my hair didn’t have weighed-down, heavy feeling a lot of conditioners leave in it. My hair looked and felt fuller than usual.

I give the Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner 5 stars, and I will definitely be buying these products when my current shampoo and conditioner are empty. The price of these items are about $5.99 each, and Walmart and Target should be carrying them by now. You can also find them on and

Caring for Oily Skin

First, the good news for those of you (like me) with oily skin: our skin ages at a slower rate than other skin types. Which is good, I suppose, because the chronic break-outs make my skin look like a teenager’s!

I’ve read several articles that suggest washing your face with hot water if you have oily skin, with the idea that the hot water will dissolve oil. I’m not keen on hot water applied to the delicate skin of my face, especially the skin around my eyes, so I use warm water instead.

Overcleansing, or using harsh products, in attempts to eliminate oil can actually make the problem worse if it stimulates the skin to produce more oil. Even though oily skin deserves a spanking more often than not, remember to be gentle with it.

For several tips on care of oily skin, be sure to read this article from One of the tips is to use witch hazel as an astringent. I switched from Oxy, Clearasil and other teenager-geared astringents to witch hazel, fearing that the alcohol in the other products was doing more damage than good.

You can buy plain witch hazel for really cheap (maybe $1-$2 for a large bottle) or spring for witch hazel with fragrance or lavender added for a more luxurious scent and feel. Witch hazel also works great for easing the sting or itch of insect bites! Check out for more uses for witch hazel.