Caring for Oily Skin

First, the good news for those of you (like me) with oily skin: our skin ages at a slower rate than other skin types. Which is good, I suppose, because the chronic break-outs make my skin look like a teenager’s!

I’ve read several articles that suggest washing your face with hot water if you have oily skin, with the idea that the hot water will dissolve oil. I’m not keen on hot water applied to the delicate skin of my face, especially the skin around my eyes, so I use warm water instead.

Overcleansing, or using harsh products, in attempts to eliminate oil can actually make the problem worse if it stimulates the skin to produce more oil. Even though oily skin deserves a spanking more often than not, remember to be gentle with it.

For several tips on care of oily skin, be sure to read this article from One of the tips is to use witch hazel as an astringent. I switched from Oxy, Clearasil and other teenager-geared astringents to witch hazel, fearing that the alcohol in the other products was doing more damage than good.

You can buy plain witch hazel for really cheap (maybe $1-$2 for a large bottle) or spring for witch hazel with fragrance or lavender added for a more luxurious scent and feel. Witch hazel also works great for easing the sting or itch of insect bites! Check out for more uses for witch hazel.


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