Hair Care Mistakes

Here are some common hair care mistakes to avoid, from

Dark roots:
If you color your hair, plan on maintenance. This means touching up your roots as they grow out.

Pulling your hair back too tight:
Leave some slack when pulling your hair back into a pony tail or bun. If it’s too tight, it looks strict and may even give you a headache.

Thinking the hair color sample on the box will give you the same results:
Many factors play into the outcome of your hair color. Perms, other processing, and the amount of time you leave it in will all make a difference. If your hair doesn’t match the box’s sample color when you’re done, it’s probably because the model has a different natural hair color than your own.

And a few more, from

Not having you hair trimmed regularly:
…avoiding the salon can lead to split ends which travel up to the shaft, leaving hair looking damaged and unruly. The irony of dodging the salon chair is that if you do it for too long, you might eventually have to have far more of your hair chopped off than you would have because it will be in such bad condition.

Not conditioning regularly:

At 8 in the morning when you’re running late for work, it’s all to tempting to use shampoo and be done with it, but neglecting the conditioner will eventually take its toll. A daily conditioner helps to detangle and add shine to the hair, while an intensive conditioner used regularly will help to repair any damage and keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. Avoid either and your hair will look frizzy and damaged.

Frazzling your locks:

Heated appliances cause more damage to hair then any other factor, so we should all be in the habit of using a heat defence spray whenever we reach for the hairdryer, flat irons or tongs. Sadly for many, using a protective styling product is too much like hard work and for them, ruined locks are just around the corner!

3 thoughts on “Hair Care Mistakes

  1. i’m really terrible on that last one…. really bad… every mornin’ i use either a curling ireon or hot iron and never use a heat spray… sheesh.. maybe i should pick some up – i think i will! lol

  2. I’m most guilty of not getting my hair trimmed regularly, but I really hate getting my hair cut! I’ll take a few split ends over another bad haircut any day. They always want to cut layers into the sides, and then my hair won’t stay in a ponytail.

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