Jennifer Connelly in Marie Claire

Okay, okay, in a recent post, I made it very clear that my opinion of women’s fashion magazines (hell, men’s fashion magazines, too) is in the gutter due to the unrealistic, downright dangerous and insulting, cookie-cutter images shoved down our throats from their glossy pages.

But I must confess, today I picked up the December issue of Marie Claire for the sole reason that Jennifer Connelly is on the cover. I haven’t even read the article about her yet, so I can’t say one way or another how that is, but the photos are interesting. I have always found actresses’ and models’ poses to be very awkward and unnatural, but I love the black-and-white photos and her dark, dramatic eye make-up. It borders on the black gunk that football players smear under their eyes, but hey, it looks good in photos.


One thought on “Jennifer Connelly in Marie Claire

  1. hey let me tell ya- i totally agree with what your saying with MOST fashion mags EXCEPT marie clarie….. there are a few things here and there that still get me BUT the mag seems to be aware of world affairs and charity and such! so i will def have to pick this issue up!

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