Savvy Nail Lacquer: Golden Honey

I haven’t been inside a Sally Beauty Supply store in a long time, but I wandered into one this weekend on a quest for a new, unique nail polish, something I don’t usually wear, something different from the row upon row of nail polish I already have (mostly reds and dark pinks).

I really like the Orly nail polish they sell there, but I spotted a bottle of Savvy Nail Lacquer in Golden Honey and was hooked. I like its gold sheen without an overt, futuristic metallic glint, and thank god, no glitter!

Since I have fair skin and dark hair, I have stayed away from gold tones, favoring silver. I did my nails last night and love how this color looks against my skin. It’s a luxurious gold color, very holiday-appropriate, pretty and classy.

I like the heavy, square glass bottle too. I thought the brush could have been fuller to make application easier and faster, but no real major complaints.

The nail polish was $3.99 at the store but is slightly cheaper if you have a Beauty Club Card.


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