New Year’s Eve Make-Up Tips

I love New Year’s Eve and the sense of a new start, a new beginning, the celebrating, the excitement. If you are heading out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, here are some holiday make-up tips from

1. Play up the eyes or the mouth. Never do a dark, smokey eye and a red lip, unless you are performing burlesque. Choose one or the other. For eyes, consider a smokey gray this year instead of black or brown. If playing up lips, try both lipstick and gloss. First apply liner all over lips, dot lipstick with your finger and follow with a light (not heavy) gloss.

2. Keep nails short and rounded. What’s not hot? Long, fake talons. What’s chic is short nails that are rounded, not squared. Dark colors for nails are still hot for the holidays.

3. Don’t overdue the statement jewelry. Big jewelry pieces are hot, hot, hot, but make sure you wear them correctly. Don’t wear a large necklace, a chunky ring and big earrings. Choose 1-2 statement pieces and keep your other jewelry quiet and subdued. You can do either a strong necklace and tiny earrings and rings OR a statement ring and statement earrings.

4. Color your hair. If you have gray hair or blah hair, get thee to the drugstore or the salon and color your hair. If you’re doing it yourself, stay within a shade or two of your natural color. Covering up gray hairs and roots will add oomph to your holiday look.

5. Go for dewy skin by applying moisturizer under concealer and/or foundation. Add shimmer to eyes, cheeks or chest area, but don’t overdo it with all three. Apply a shimmer moisturizer (Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance, from drugstores) to legs if you’re going bare.

For some product suggestions, check out‘s article, “New Year’s Eve Make Up Ideas: Sparkle!”

Happy New Year!


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