Perfume Finder Quiz offers the Perfume Finder Quiz to determine your fragrance personality!

My Result: Down to Earth

“You’re a natural beauty, and you’ve never needed to fuss with a strenuous beauty routine just to get attention. A bit of a nonconformist, you hate following orders — you’d rather be outdoors and free to do what you want. So when you pick a scent, it should reflect your unpretentiousness and love of nature. Pick something earthy, like herbs, pine needles or sandalwood. You could even throw in some light, fresh flowers like hyacinths, or the smell of the rain. Wear it when you’re stressed out, and it’ll calm you down — or better yet, wear it all the time.”

This is pretty right on, especially the part about light florals; I can’t stand floral scents except hyacinth, or lily of the valley, something very light and clean smelling. My favorite scents are laundry detergent (though I wouldn’t choose Tide as a perfume!) and spicy smells, like cinammon or sandalwood. I wear perfume all the time and feel like something crucial is missing if I happen to wander out the door without it!

What is your fragrance type?


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