Brushing Hair 100 Strokes

Last night I sat sideways on the couch while my boyfriend Gary sat behind me and brushed my hair for me, and all I can say is, I can see why cats close their eyes and purr when they are being petted. It was so relaxing and peaceful I almost fell off the couch.

It reminded me of the old advice to brush your hair 100 times every night for healthy hair, and I decided to do some quick research to see if that is actually good advice.

The argument goes that brushing your hair 100 times would distribute the hair’s natural oils to the ends and strengthen the roots. The counterargument is that such brushing would encourage split ends and beat up the hair.

According to’s article, Pros and Cons for Brushing the Hair 100 Times a Day, “The “100 strokes” method might have worked centuries ago, when people, and women in particular, would wash the hair only once a month. Lucky for us, this is no longer the case now. All the beauty products currently available are meant to take care of our hair all year round, with awesome results.”

The offers these tips for brushing your hair:

* Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. This is because wet hair tends to be weaker and stretches more easily than dry hair and the stress of brushing can actually do more damage than good. Only brush your hair when it is completely dry as you will get the full effect of using a brush on your hair without damaging your hair.

* Try not to brush your hair if it’s curly. Unfortunately the only effect you’re going to get is frizzy curls. You can, however, brush your curls out just before you are about to wash your hair as this will help to take out any excess products.

* A good paddle brush with soft bristles and a wooden frame is the perfect hair styling tool as the plastic and metal brushes we use today can sometimes tear the hair away from the cuticle.

My hair tangles very easily, so I brush my hair before I get into the shower and before I go to bed. Or, sometimes I enlist my boyfriend to brush it for me! (I highly recommend the latter.)


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