Mary-Kate and Ashley Paper Me Pretty

Okay, I’m humbling myself to admit I purchased a cosmetic item from Mary-Kate and Ashley, best known as the diapered, bug-eyed duo from Full House, but what can I say? As an oily-skin victim, I am irresistably drawn to any product that promises to control the oil.

Walmart carries the Mary Kate and Ashley cosmetics line, mostly glitter this and glitter that, but the Paper Me Pretty items caught my eye because I like mattifier (oil blotting) sheets. Instead of caking on a build-up of pressed powder, oil blotting sheets dab up the oil and don’t drop more make-up on your face to cause a break-out waiting to happen.

Mary Kate and Ashley’s Paper Me Pretty Mattifier sheets come in a small box that slides open to remove the sheets (called “glamour sheets” on the box…how quaint). I bought a box, considering the $4 purchase an investment in my beauty blog research, and tested them out.

Bottom line? I can’t stand them. Waste of money. The “glamour sheets” are teeny-tiny, which is great for not taking up much room in my purse, but means I have to use 2 or 3 sheets to blot any oil off my face. Given that oil-blotting papers are most likely going to appeal to us with oily skin, cutesy little sheets that may blot an entire one-square-inch area are not very practical.

The paper itself just doesn’t seem to apply itself to that oil-blotting task, either. Even e.l.f.’s $1 oil-blotting sheets perform better than Mary Kate and Ashley’s version.

My advice? Take that $4 and spring for Clean & Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets. They’re the best ones I’ve tried so far. But if glitter eye shadow, glitter lipstick, or body glitter is your thing, then Mary Kate and Ashley still have you covered!


3 thoughts on “Mary-Kate and Ashley Paper Me Pretty

  1. I tried a sparkly eyeshadow pencil from MK&A too, and I didn't like that either. It looked purple but went on with pretty much no color. I returned that. Some of their products look fun, but I just haven't liked any of them yet!

  2. Wow, these ladies are venturing on everything! I didn’t even know they have cosmetics line 🙂 Thanks for this post, I wouldn’t be able to purchase them anyways, but it’s nice to know! 😀

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