Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick

Cover Girl’s Continuous Color lipstick is not new, but I’ve never tried it before. I have to admit I am not a Cover Girl fan, partly because of their wildly annoying “Easy breezy beautiful!” advertising campaign. (Is “easy” really a word most women would like associated with themselves?)

On the prowl for a new lipstick one day, though, Cover Girl’s Ice Blue Pink #505 caught my eye: offers this swatch of the color:

I decided to give it a try. I love the color, and it looks great with spring-y eye colors like teal, blue, and aqua, offering up a pretty color on the lips without being garish, bubble-gum-y, or overpowering, even on a face as white as mine. Being fair and very light, few lipsticks don’t look loud on me. This one is great and already one of my favorite lip colors.

As for the long-wearing claim of this product, well, I haven’t found that to be true. A few sips of water from my water bottle, and the color needs to be reapplied. That’s my biggest pet peeve of lipstick in general, and this one is no exception, despite its claim of “lasting color”.

Still, for about $5, this lipstick comes in so many colors, you are bound to find one that looks good on you. Having trouble finding a color? Cover Girl’s website offers a service called Get ColorMatched. Simply register with your hair color, eye color, skin tone, and a few other questions, and you’ll receive their recommendations for colors that will look best on you.

According to Cover Girl, my best lipstick colors are Rose Quartz and Iced Mauve.

Bottom line: the product doesn’t live up to its long-lasting color claim for me, but the choice of colors is amazing, and the lipstick has a great texture and feel, and I like the ColorMatch option on their website. I was disappointed the color doesn’t last longer, but I still recommend Cover Girl’s Continuous Color lipstick.


2 thoughts on “Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick

  1. The “easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl” reminded me of something…My daughter’s nickname is “Breezy” and somebody made the comment when she was a baby that people would call her Easy Breezy in school. She’s in 7th grade and nobody has tried it yet. Her friends shortened it to Bree automatically so I don’t think anybody even knows her nickname with the rest of us is Breezy.

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