Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength

My nails have taken a lot of abuse lately, between moving, packing, manual labor, and rearranging departments at work. They are dry and peeling, cracked at the tips, and begging for mercy.

I hit the nail care aisle in hopes of finding something to restore them, and at the urging of my boyfriend Gary, I got Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength, which is formulated with Kevlar fibers. (Gary thought it was cool to have the same stuff on my nails that is used in bullet-proof vests). Bullet-Proof strength “weaves a powerful shield on nails”, and “nails become resistant to splitting, cracking, peeling, and breaking”, according to Nutra Nail’s website.

I painted a coat of bullet-proof strengthener onto my nails the other night and have been testing this stuff out for a few days. I’ve been up to a lot of manual labor at work, helping out with the shifting around of offices, and so far so good. One nail that was peeling pretty bad to start with has had a tiny bit of peeling, but not nearly what would be going on without a protective coating.

The strengthener dries clear, but if you look very closely, you can actually see the tiny fibers across your nails, which is cool if you are easily amused. For this reason, though, I wouldn’t use this product as a top coat, since it dulls the shine somewhat. I haven’t tried it under color yet, but once I do, I’ll let you know if it affects the appearance of the colored polish.

I’ll update this post once I have tried this product a bit longer, but so far, I like it. For about $4 or $5, it is protecting my nails from drying out, peeling, cracking and other unattractive messes at work. Now if only there was a Kevlar hand cream…


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