Jane Oil Free Finishing Powder

Armed with a coupon, I recently went on a hunt for a replacement to the pressed powder compact I keep in my purse. I picked up Jane Oil Free Finishing Powder, figuring powder is powder, right?

I’ve mentioned that my face is super-oily, and I’ve never been impressed with pressed powder. It helps for a couple of seconds, then my face is oily again like I never did anything to it. But I felt compelled to try anyway!Jane’s Oil Free Finishing Powder has a puff that is square and thick, and the coverage is more like foundation than powder. It cuts down the shine temporarily, smoothes my pores, and looks more finished than any pressed powder I’ve tried.

I picked this up for about $4 at Wal-mart. Not bad at all for a product I will give 5 stars out of 5. Nothing can eliminate the shine for good on skin as oily as mine, but this powder at least combats it for a while, something other pressed powders have not been able to do.

I like to replace the puff in my compact periodically to keep it clean and to keep powder from caking on the puff. My only complaint is Jane does not offer replacement puffs, at least, not that I have seen. Their puff is not the typical, scrawny round puff, and I really like the puff that came with the compact. If anyone sees replacement puffs like this, drop me a note and let me know!


4 thoughts on “Jane Oil Free Finishing Powder

  1. ok.. call me crazy but here at Merle Norman we have an oval one that looks about like that (from what i can tell)… its only like 2 bucks so it might be worth checking out!!

  2. I saw the Jane products were on clearance at Walgreens a few weeks ago, but I was hoping it wasn’t because they were going out of business! Figures! Thanks for reminding me to stock up.

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