Aussie Deeeeeep 3 Minute Miracle

Since I’ve been growing out my hair, deep conditioner has become as obsessive a beauty product for me as my old fetish, mascara. A friend mentioned her love affair with Aussie Deeeeep 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment, so I picked up a bottle and gave it a whirl.

I really like the packaging; instead of flipping a cap or opening a bottle, you simply squeeze the bottle, and the conditioner dispenses from the bottom. With an overload of products in my shower, ease of use is important!

The product packaging claims “Deeeeeply intense conditioning, accented with Australian aloe, penetrates dry or damaged hair.” I have used this conditioner about 6 times, and I am disappointed to give it one star out of five.

There’s simply nothing special about it. Most conditioners at least help with getting tangles out of my hair after the shower, but this one didn’t even help out much there.

What can I say nice about it? Well…ummm…I like the purple bottle. And it has a kind of nice smell…okay, I’m tapped out.

This product receives raving reviews on, so maybe try it out for yourself. Going by my own experience with this conditioner, I can only say there are definitely better conditioners out there.



3 thoughts on “Aussie Deeeeeep 3 Minute Miracle

  1. man! it didnt work for you? so saaaaad… i always have some of this on hand and LOVE it! one of these days maybe you’ll find that one kick butt product, lol! happy friday!

  2. I went through a bottle of this in a week (I use deep conditioner as regular conditioner since my hair is so damaged) and it didn't do anything for me either. I'd recommend trying the Garnier. I started with Pantene, moved onto Aussie, and am now in LOVEEE with the Garnier deep conditioner. The packaging sucks but I noticed a difference in my hair after just one use. It can't hurt, only a few bucks and it's a generous jar.

  3. I have posted an updated review of this conditioner. It's not often I change my mind, but this conditioner has become one of my favorites after trying it again! Follow the link above to the updated review.

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