Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer

I love the look of well-manicured nails, but I hate all that sitting around waiting for the polish to dry. I decided to try out Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer, which promises to make “nails dry to the touch in just one minute”.

After applying nail polish, I let the polish dry for one minute, as instructed, then brushed Dry Kwik over the nail color and my cuticles.

True enough, the nail polish is dry to the touch very quickly, but definitely not smudge-proof. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything with your hands, even after using this product, but it does dry the top of the nail color just enough to let you move around and not worry about rubbing the polish off or destroying your manicure by accidentally bumping into something.

If you are in a hurry, this is a great product, and I will give it 4 stars out of 5 for doing exactly what it says it does. However, it does not protect your manicure, can give nail color a dull film instead of the shine of a top coat, and shortens the life span of a manicure by letting it chip easily.

When I want a manicure to last longer than a day or so, I’ll stick with a good top coat and find a good book until it is dry. When I want pretty color, fast, without sitting around waiting for it to dry enough for me to move around, then Dry Kwik is great.


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