Oscar Blandi Trattamento al Fango Marine Mud Treatment

After sitting in My Favorites on my Sephora account for a long, looooong time, Oscar Blandi’s Trattamento al Fango Marine Mud Treatment finally graced my bathroom counter. I couldn’t wait to try this deep conditioner for hair, since so many of the reviews of this product hailed it as a miracle for hair, and so many users practically set up alters to worship this stuff.

What does Oscar Blandi have to say for this conditioner? The product description claims, “Trattamento al Fango brings an element of earth’s healing power to your haircare regimen. Fango was originally used to soothe and heal sore joints and muscles, and has now been formulated to provide the same healing benefits to hair. This treatment is a unique and intense curative formula based on marine mud that rapidly improves the condition of the hair.”

One thing I will give it right off, this conditioner smells great. I tried this conditioner a few times before writing this review, for various amounts of time in my hair during my shower, and once with the recommended instructions of working through the hair, wrapping a shower cap around the hair, and then wrapping a hot, wet towel around all of that for 15 minutes. (This gave the kids, and my boyfriend Gary, many, many laughs at my expense, with cries of “You look like a lunch lady!” when I donned the shower cap.)

By the way…a hot, wet towel is heavier than you would think when perched precariously upon your head for 15 minutes…

I rinsed my hair and combed it out, eager to see these awe-inspiring results like the reviewers on Sephora claimed to behold.

What did I get? To be honest, not a hell of a lot. This stuff smells good, helps to relieve some of the tangling my hair is maddeningly prone to, and…well…that was really about it. Nothing glorious, nothing spectacular, and nothing more than a $3 Pantene deep conditioner from Walmart can do. Actually, I would prefer the Pantene.

My conclusion? I would not purchase this again, particularly considering its $26 price tag. For a conditioner priced so high, I certainly expected more than mediocre, ho-hum results.

I give this conditioner one star out of five. It doesn’t do anything more than a basic, run-of-the-mill drugstore conditioner would do…you will just pay six times as much for it.


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