Skin Tight Jeans + High Heels = Stupid

The concept that being fashionable, attractive, and trendy is vastly more important than being comfortable is age-old with women, a notion I don’t subscribe to but can’t help but notice all around me. (Just try to buy a simple pair of shoes in the women’s department that doesn’t pinch, narrow to a pinprick at the toes, or totter about on 4 inch heels.) Comfort? What for? It’s women’s jobs to look good and worry what other people think about what they look like, isn’t it?

Take it one step further: there are reports that the trendy, Cosmo-approved skinny jeans are actually causing nerve damage called meralgia paresthetica. The condition happens when constant pressure cuts off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing numbness and a burning or tingling sensation along the legs.

How about pushing it even further and pairing those skinny jeans with ludicrous but oh-so-fashionable, sky-high heels? High heels push the pelvis forward and increase pressure on the nerve, increasing the risk for aggravating this nerve.

But hey, as long as you look good, right?

“It doesn’t make me hesitate to wear my jeans— the same way I don’t hesitate to wear the shoes I wear,” proclaims Abby Gardener, editor of

I have the overwhelming desire to slap this woman until her sense returns, if she indeed ever had any, and every woman like her.

Why is it relevant to me what other women wear? If you are dying to wear jeans that pinch your nerves and shoes that whack out your knees and back, be my guest. Knock yourself out! (And pass out, as the case may be, when those nerves are pinched long enough.)

My bone to pick? Because 99.9% of women are apparently senseless enough and stupid enough to buy pants that are too damn tight, shoes that damage their knees and plain don’t fit a human foot, and because designers and manufacturers profit from this mindless devotion to fashion instead of common sense, then I cannot walk into a store and find a reasonable selection of shoes or clothes that a woman with active brain cells would actually wear. Because of other women’s ignorance and mindlessness, my options are limited.

Another woman in this article gushed that she has purchased shoes that are 2 sizes too small—because they are “cute”. Oh, and “on sale”. The word “imbecile” comes to mind.

Causing physical damage to your body in order to feel attractive should leave you wondering what, exactly, you are trying to attract.

Cute? Hardly. Try foolish and idiotic.


4 thoughts on “Skin Tight Jeans + High Heels = Stupid

  1. I'm going to have to disagree with this post. I think you make good points about yourself, which is great, but you don't have to put down the women who do wear skinny jeans and heels. I live in my skinny jeans, and no they do not hurt my body. I wear heels because I like to and I love the height I get. That said, I also do not tolerate discomfort and if it hurts or isn't the right size, it's not for me.
    I suppose you're right in saying women shouldn't torture themselves and put themselves into clothing and shoes that'll hurt them, but that doesn't mean you have to disregard the entire pantheon of skinny(cut or straight cut) jeans and heels.

  2. I put down women who are slaves to trends, fashion, and social pressure, and who endure pain, discomfort, and damage to their bodies simply to be accepted by society and to be considered attractive. All women pay for this groupthink.

  3. Like Christina, I need to disagree with this post. I normally do not wear “skin Tight” skinny jeans, I wear they slightly Straight legged, which makes it appear I have on skinny Jeans, but are much more comfortable. I do own some skin tight skinnys, but again, I find them comfortable. About the heels, I do own big inch heels. Actually I am wearing them right now. They do get kinda uncomfortable, which is why if I have to stuff my foot in, I throw them out. I am not one to follow trends, I wear what I like. This was not in ANY way to be rude or bratty or to be a Hater, I actually love this blog, I just needed to get this out.

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