Beauty Pet Peeves

I love make-up and beauty treatments, but I have my share of beauty pet peeves as well. Judging from the results of my most recent poll (on the right side of this page), a lot of you do too!

My top pet peeves are:

1. Too much make-up (like the young lady pictured, but not always so over the top!)

2. Fuzzy spider lashes from glopping on mascara

3. Visible lipliner…what is that about? Why liner but no color?

4. Crappy highlights. Good lord, ladies, back away from the bleach already.

5. Flip flops. Maybe this doesn’t really fit here, but I hate these sloppy, annoying shoes!

6. While we’re discussing footwear…people (including men!) who wear sandals and flip flops but don’t take care of their feet! Yuck!

7. Clothes that are too damn tight. If you have to tug, yank, stretch, and fuss, then please realize the damn thing doesn’t fit.

8. Nail polish that looks like a mouse has been nibbling on it. When it starts to chip, just take it all off!

9. Visible foundation and/or powder. This one is really creepy close-up. I don’t wear foundation because nothing says “breakout” like slathering my face with foundation, and if I ever look like I used chalk dust to powder my face, I hope someone tells me to go wash my face.

10. Chickens! One person’s beauty pet peeve may be another person’s expression of themselves. If you want purple hair or green lipstick, hey, go for it. Don’t let the magazines and so-called experts stifle what make-up should ultimately be: a unique reflection of what is inside.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Pet Peeves

  1. totally agree with them all… though i will say that on #9.. i personally think foundation rocks.. BUT only if you are going to take the time to get a sheer coverage and one that MATCHES your skin tone!

    oh and and btw… you hating on flip-flops… aaaggghhh, lol- just kidding i love flip-flops but i will be the first to say that there is a time and a place for em' and not everyone realizes that! happy friday!

  2. I agree with almost all of them, I HATE when people wear tons of lip liner, its like, thats what LIPSTICK is for, I also hate when (mostly teens) Glop on the mascara so it looks like a freaking spider died on their lashes. Erg. Anyway, Great post!!

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