Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

You’ve probably seen the advertisements with Jennifer Connelly sporting impossibly bright, Bozo-the-Clown red lips, hawking Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. This product makes some lofty claims, like:

*Food-proof lipcolor with a built-in, ultra-conditioning topcoat

*One-step application- No topcoat required for comfortable wear

*Stays comfortable and wears beautifully for up to 12 hours

*Does not feather or fade; no touch-ups required, even after meals

Well now! I’m not a fan of long-wearing lip color because it feels like liquid chalk with an oily top coat and leaves me with the itchy desire to just wipe the crap off my mouth already. But when I spotted this item half price (about $4.50) at Target, packaged with some promotional items on clearance, I decided to give it a whirl.

The liquid lipstick applies like a lip gloss with a wand applicator. I brushed on a coat of Miracle Mauve and instantly started to have doubts. As the lip color dries, it has that same chalky feel that I know and don’t love, so I used some lip balm on top as a comforting clear coat. So much for “no topcoat required for comfortable wear”.

Okay, onto the next test: “food-proof”. I checked myself out after eating lunch, and once again I was disappointed. Though some color remained, it was only around the edges of my lips, so I just looked like I slapped on crazy lip liner in the dark with a shaky hand. It definitely required a touch-up, and that is when I discovered the next thing I don’t like about this product. Applying another coat on top of a lunch-smeared, already-dried coat left it flaking and uneven, and decidedly unappealing.

It has taken only 2 days of testing this product to lead me to hunting down the receipt and begging Target to take it back. My overall rating: 0 stars out of 5.

This product is overpriced (about $10 regular price), does not come anywhere near to living up to its claims, is uncomfortable when it dries, won’t last through a meal, and definitely requires some sort of topcoat to reach any degree of comfort. But why bother when it fades anyway?

I have never been a fan of Revlon products, and ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is no exception. This product did nothing but reinforce my dislike of Revlon.


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