Hair Color While Pregnant

All the baby talk on my other blog led me to researching personal care tips and beauty concerns of pregnant women. One question I had is, is it safe to color your hair while you are pregnant?

According to an article on, “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t done any conclusive studies on the effects of hair color chemicals on a developing fetus, but it’s better to play it safe.”

The article, Pregnancy and Hair Coloring Safety, offers these tips for pregnant women:

* Wait out the first trimester.

*Avoid processes that involve scalp contact.

* Try temporary hair color, like a hair mascara wand or pencil.

* Opt for highlights (they don’t touch your scalp).

Read the full article and more safety tips here.

If you are expecting and still want a color change, try the natural home color techniques offered in Dying for a Change: Hair Color and Your Pregnancy on

And if you are more into perming or straightening your hair vs. color, remember that the same concept applies: whatever is absorbed through your scalp will circulate through your body. Also, many hairdressers say that hair will react differently to chemicals during pregnancy, according to women’ Your best bet? Avoid perming or straightening (and coloring) while pregnant.


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