Wet ‘n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Eyeshadow

Another impulse beauty buy: I spotted Wet ‘n Wild’s Idol Eyes Cream Eye Shadow at Walgreen’s, and I picked up the color called Techno, a slightly iridescent purple.

According to Wet ‘n Wild’s website, these eye shadows are “easy to apply, blendable color in rich, vibrant shades”. I applied eye shadow primer first, then stroked on some of this product.

It creased almost immediately, even with primer, and with such a deep color, it just looked like I barely walked out of the bad end of a nasty fight with ugly purple creases across both lids. NOT attractive. The color is intense in the pencil, but it took several applications to build up a decent color on my lids, and it had no staying power whatsoever. The longer I wore it, the worse it looked.

I’m not a fan of Wet ‘n Wild and should have known better than to bother trying this. It was wildly disappointing. After one application, I dug out the receipt and returned it today.

My verdict: 0 stars out of 5! Can I give negative stars?


One thought on “Wet ‘n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Eyeshadow

  1. i actually have a few of these and had the same problems you did.. so i turned them into big fat funky eyeliner! no.. i wouldn't wear it every and any where… but it is fun for just that certain occasion!!

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