Fira Cosmetics Lip Sheers

Have you ever bought a cosmetic item on a spur-of-the-moment impulse, simply because it’s cheap, even though you know chances are good to excellent that you won’t like it? My boyfriend and I were strolling around Dollar General the other day when I spotted a collection of Fira Cosmetics Lip Sheers. I have never heard of this brand and knew I would probably end up tossing it in the trash, but one color, Guava, was such a pretty mauve-pink that I went ahead and dropped the $2 to give it a whirl.

Surprisingly, I really like it! It has a subtle, shimmery color that is very flattering with fair skin like mine.

This brand is so elusive, I could not find a picture of it online to accompany this review. Has anyone else ever seen this brand?

If you spot it and are afraid to try it because it’s cheap, go ahead and pick one up. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised too! Mine is tucked into my purse to make sure I always have it with me.


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