Revlon Nail Enamel

If you seek nail polish that goes on gloppy, has uneven coverage, and starts to chip before the damn stuff is even dry, then Revlon Nail Enamel is just for you!

CVS recently had Revlon nail enamel on sale as a buy-one-get-one-free deal. I was getting ready to start a new, more professional job, so I decided to pick up some more conservative colors. (My vast assortment of green, blue, black, and other off-the-wall colors isn’t going to serve me well in a business-suit job.)

I picked up Totally Toffee and Vixen, two colors I thought were more professional but still pretty. Hmmm.

I tried Totally Toffee first, a sort of brown color I wasn’t completely sold on. The shade wasn’t the only strike against this product. The brush is messy and makes for gloppy, uneven coverage, and it’s hard to control, so I ended up with more polish on my fingers than on my nails. Okay, that’s not entirely unusual, but it got even worse.

I always use a top coat, but it just doesn’t matter with this stuff. By the next morning, the polish had chipped along the tips of my nails, and pieces of polish started peeling off in little sheets. Real attractive! My manicure looked awful within 24 hours of applying the color.

Maybe it was a defect of that one bottle…

Nope. I tried Vixen next, with the same dismally wretched results. It started chipping almost immediately, and the color peeled right off, even with a healthy layer of top coat. Both bottles went straight into the trash.

I give Revlon Nail Enamel zero stars out of five, because there are no redeeming qualities of this cheaply made, horrible product. It has no staying power, chips so easily it’s crazy, and starts to peel off just in case the chips were not annoying enough.

Did I mention I hated it?


3 thoughts on “Revlon Nail Enamel

  1. really!?

    i think all nails are not the same… revlon is some of my favorite polish b/c it DOES NOT chip… at least for me.. but who knows…

    i will tell something i've learned through the yrs… very RARELY do i ever use a top coat… it seems the thicker the layers of polish the more easily everything chips!

  2. That's a real shame! I can't believe it, Revlon nail polish worked pretty well for me…but then again, like Randi says, it may depend on each persons nails…IDK
    It's a great review nevertheless. Have a nice weekend!

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