Sephora’s LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler

When I saw an advertisement for Sephora’s LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler, I damn near hyperventilated. Like crack for a mascara lover, this sampler offers deluxe sample sizes of ten different mascaras from brands including Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox, Sephora, Tarte, Cargo, and more.

For $39, this is a great way to sample so many different brands without being stuck with a full-size bottle you are not so thrilled with.

If mascara isn’t quite your thing, Sephora also offers:

Sephora Favorites Lip Service Deluxe Sampler

Sephora Favorites Radiant Skin Regimen Deluxe Sampler

Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam Shimmer and Shine Deluxe Sampler

Sephora Favorites My First Makeup Kit Deluxe Sampler

I already know what is at the top of my Christmas wish list…


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