Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume

Given that I consider Jessica Simpson one of the most annoying and literally over-exposed individuals in creation, I didn’t expect much when I first took a whiff of Fancy, one of her perfume concoctions. I actually smelled it first in one of those little scents in a flap in a magazine, and damnit, much as I didn’t want to like it, I did. A lot.

So when I came across a teeny-tiny bottle of Fancy for next to nothing at a discount retailer, I went ahead and begrudgingly bought it. I instantly got compliments, from my boyfriend, co-workers, and even one of my stepkids, who simply said, “Ooh, you smell good!”

Fancy is a mix of gardenia, pear, apricot nectar, red fruit, and jasmine, mixed with almond, vanilla, caramel. Well, there you go! Anything with caramel is heavenly. No wonder I like it. All it needs is a few notes of eau de whipped cream.

As for staying power, it doesn’t hang around as long as I’d like it to, my most common complaint about fragrance. It’s not overpowering, though, and a great scent for work, weekends, dates, pretty much anywhere.

It’s a warm, captivating scent that leaves me wanting to try Fancy Love, Jessica Simpson’s most recent perfume. I give Fancy 4 out of 5 stars, missing the 5th star for the lack of longevity and staying power that I value in perfume. For $50+ a bottle, I really expect it to stick around a good bit longer than it does.


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