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Updated Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Sometimes, apparently, I jump the gun in posting a negative review of a product. That was the case with Aussie Deeeeep 3-Minute Miracle, which I originally reviewed in May 2009 (read the review by clicking here).

After writing that review, essentially stating that I simply wasn’t impressed with this conditioner, I let the bottle sit in the shower, untouched by me again. My two stepdaughters have enjoyed using it instead, when they are not swiping my far more expensive Oscar Blandi hair conditioner, that is!

On a whim a weeks ago, I decided to give 3-Minute Miracle another try. I’m glad I did. I’m not sure why my hair seemed to respond to it differently this time, though my hair is colored and seems to affect the products I use. The day I decided to try it again, I wore my hair down, and I couldn’t help but notice that only did my hair smell really good, it was very soft and smooth also.

Since then, I have emptied the original bottle and had to buy a new one! For about $3 at Walmart, this conditioner has become one of my favorites. I’m glad I gave it another chance!


Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner

I tend to either love or hate Avon products; there is usually no middle ground for me. I have heard good things about Avon’s Glimmersticks eye liner, but in all the years I have been buying Avon, I’ve never tried them.

Then I ran out of my Maybelline Unstoppable eye liner, and given my adoration for black eye liner, I needed a replacement, STAT! I don’t like regular pencil liners because my skin is so oily, the color tends to fade quickly and disappear. I strongly prefer swivel-up, soft eye liners or liquid liners.

Avon had Glimmersticks on sale recently (2 for $7.99), which is essentially like buying one and getting one free if I repurchased my Maybelline eye liner (which retails for about $6-$7), so I decided to give Avon’s liner a try instead.

I received Blackest Black and Starry Night Blue last week, and I absolutely love them! The pencils are soft enough to glide on easily, no tugging or skipping, yet the color stays put all day. Starry Night Blue is an excellent color for dark brown eyes, by the way; I got compliments today on my eyes, and all I was wearing was this eye liner and some mascara.

I am hooked. I’d love to try the color Emerald next. My biggest gripe about colored eye liners is the tendency to bleed or run, creating technicolor smears around the eyes, but even after an hour-long kickboxing class tonight, my Starry Night Blue was intact. Hey, I’m convinced!

Five stars out of five for Avon’s Glimmersticks eye liners. Check them out now while they are still on sale!

Repair Chapped Lips

‘Tis the season…for dry, cracked, chapped lips! Flaky lips can be painful, and hell, not so great to look at to boot.

There are a few things you can try easily at home:

1. Use warm water, a wash cloth, and a small amount of sugar to lightly buff your lips and smoothe away the dry skin. As soon as you dry your lips, apply a lip balm (tip from

2. After you brush your teeth, use the rinsed but still wet toothbrush to make gentle, circular motions on your lips to exfoliate them. As soon as I’m done, I apply my Smith’s Rosebud Salve to keep my lips from getting chapped again.

To prevent chapped lips in the first place, try these tips from

* Don’t lick your lips, since the evaporation of your saliva will dry out your lips.

* Drink plenty of water for hydration.

* Use lip balm that contains sunscreen if you will be outside.

Organix Shea Butter Conditioner

After using hand creams and another hair conditioner containing shea butter, with wonderful results, I had decided that I hadn’t met a product with shea butter that I didn’t like.

Until I tried Organix Shea Butter Conditioner, that is.

I picked up a bottle of the Shea Butter conditioner and a bottle of the Coconut Milk Conditioner during a buy-one-get-one-free sale at Walgreen’s, having high expectations for the Shea Butter one and just curious about the Coconut Milk concoction.

The Shea Butter product claim: “A weightless creamy blend of organic shea butter and ultra whipped yogurt proteins to nourish and smooth your hair with organic avocado oil to create smooth frizz-free hair as the antioxidant rich Vitamin E cleansing base washes away impurities.”

It smells really good, I’ll give it that. Shea butter products tend to have that “I’d like to try a little taste” scent about them. But beyond that, I didn’t really love or hate this conditioner. It’s just sort of so-so. It works okay, did the usual conditioner thing of making my hair a little easier to comb, but nothing spectacular, no fireworks, nothing to make me fall in love with it or pledge my undying love.

I give it 2.5 stars out of 5…it’s not horrible, but not great either. It won’t burn your hair from your scalp, pending normal use, but it won’t dramatically transform it either, from my experience.

I haven’t tried the Coconut Milk conditioner yet. I’ll review it once I have used that one a few times and developed my opinion on it!