Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner

I tend to either love or hate Avon products; there is usually no middle ground for me. I have heard good things about Avon’s Glimmersticks eye liner, but in all the years I have been buying Avon, I’ve never tried them.

Then I ran out of my Maybelline Unstoppable eye liner, and given my adoration for black eye liner, I needed a replacement, STAT! I don’t like regular pencil liners because my skin is so oily, the color tends to fade quickly and disappear. I strongly prefer swivel-up, soft eye liners or liquid liners.

Avon had Glimmersticks on sale recently (2 for $7.99), which is essentially like buying one and getting one free if I repurchased my Maybelline eye liner (which retails for about $6-$7), so I decided to give Avon’s liner a try instead.

I received Blackest Black and Starry Night Blue last week, and I absolutely love them! The pencils are soft enough to glide on easily, no tugging or skipping, yet the color stays put all day. Starry Night Blue is an excellent color for dark brown eyes, by the way; I got compliments today on my eyes, and all I was wearing was this eye liner and some mascara.

I am hooked. I’d love to try the color Emerald next. My biggest gripe about colored eye liners is the tendency to bleed or run, creating technicolor smears around the eyes, but even after an hour-long kickboxing class tonight, my Starry Night Blue was intact. Hey, I’m convinced!

Five stars out of five for Avon’s Glimmersticks eye liners. Check them out now while they are still on sale!


4 thoughts on “Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner

  1. I want to try these! I can't use liquid because my hand isn't steady enough but I don't like regular pencils that pull too much. These look perfect. I might have to find a local Avon rep in my area (or maybe I should look into selling it myself:) I used to use it many, many years ago when my mom was a rep. It's been a long time.

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