Curtain Call

Over 2 years ago, I got the idea to start a beauty blog. The name Lipstick Graffiti materialized after running through so many other options that just didn’t click for me; this one seemed to catch the right blend of grit and girlie, beauty and brains.

I have posted less and less frequently, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. With increased job demands and a busier life all around, I haven’t made the time or found the time to keep up with this blog like I used to. I have finally decided that I would prefer to focus on my personal blog, The Smirking Cat, and let this one slide to the background.

Since I have surprisingly high visitors due to searches for product reviews, I will leave this blog up and running, and may even post here and there if something strikes me as urgently compelling to write about! But for any readers wondering where the hell I went, come visit me at The Smirking Cat; I promise that blog isn’t going anywhere!


One thought on “Curtain Call

  1. aw… i'm sad.. but at least i'll have smirking cat!!

    but i do completely understand why you are doing this.. i have a hard time keeping up with my ONE blog.. so yea, i get it!!!

    see ya over at smirking cat!!!

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