Pink Leopard Print Heels: Need I Say More?

Not one to resist anything leopard print, I admit to nearly squealing like a valley girl when I saw these pink and ivory leopard shoes on These shoes have several things going for them: (1) they are leopard print (my fetish for leopard has already been covered); (2) the heels don’t look like towering threats to my ability to walk or impending knee pain inflicters; and (3) the peep-toe would show off a mean pedicure.

Oh yeah, and they go for $22.80 online. One big drawback: Forever21 seems to only have whole sizes in shoes, so if you wear a half size like me, you are going to have to choose between shoes that are a pinch too damn small or half a size too big. Neither option is terribly appealing.

Also, pink is not a color that runs rampant in my wardrobe. I wish these shoes came in a traditional, black-and-brown or gray-and-black leopard print option for those of us who love leopard but take the girliness down a notch or two by not swathing ourselves in head-to-toe pink.


2 thoughts on “Pink Leopard Print Heels: Need I Say More?

  1. HEY!!
    Whats up? You haven't been posting to much lately! Anyway, I love those shoes! I saw them at forever21 when I went last week. I didnt buy them though, because like you I am a 7.5 and I have to have my shoes fit PERFECTLY or I am not gettin um.


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