Wet ‘n Wild MegaPlump Mascara

I am a confessed mascara junkie, and it’s very hard for me to pass up trying a new mascara, even if it’s a brand I don’t particularly like. Take Wet ‘n Wild’s MegaPlump mascara, for instance. I am not a fan of Wet ‘n Wild, and not just because the brand has a stupid, 80’s name. I have just found that most of their products end up in the trash can not long after I open them because they are, basically, cheaply made and not top performers.

Strolling through Walgreens one day, though, I spotted this mascara on sale for barely a dollar. It was absolutely an impulse buy, and I fully expected to hate it, toss it, write a scathing review, and be on my way.

Except a funny thing happened: when I first applied it, I thought, “Hey, not bad.”

Wet ‘n Wild’s website claims this mascara “instantly plumps for up to 5X the volume”. Well, I don’t think anyone will be terribly shocked that a cosmetics company’s claims about its products are hyper-inflated, and this one is not an exception. Five times the volume? Hardly. But what I did get were defined lashes that fanned out and looked fuller, didn’t clump, and didn’t flake.

I curl my lashes, so that helps, but I assure you, even with an eyelash curler, some mascaras are still crap. And the no-flakes-no-clumps thing is huge, since I have found most mascaras commit both sins, no matter how much you paid for it.

Pros: inexpensive (about $3 or $4 regular price); clean application; no clumps; no flakes; makes my lashes fan out; makes my lashes look thicker; easy to remove with make-up remover

Cons: doesn’t live up to the 5x thicker claim, but I didn’t expect it to; brush may come out of the bottle a bit gloppy, but a simple and quick roll on a tissue will easily remove excess mascara

Bottom Line: I was pleasantly surprised with this mascara. No, it won’t make your lashes look pumped up and super-voluminous, but honestly, how many mascaras claim to do that but don’t deliver? I like a mascara that goes on cleanly, separates my lashes, defines my lashes, and simply looks good without making a mess of flakes all over my face. This one delivers, much to my surprise (did I mention I didn’t expect to like this mascara?)

Would I Buy It Again?: Yes, I would buy this mascara again.


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