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Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil

This was yet another impulse purchase, yet unlike most of my impulse purchases, I don’t regret this one!  I picked up a Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil in Silver for 69 cents at Walgreens, figuring if I didn’t like it, well, the kids could color with it!

I almost always wear black eyeliner, and even when I don’t, I prefer dark liners like navy or purple.  I decided to try this silver liner on its own and see how it looked.

I lined my eyes top and bottom with the silver pencil, and I instantly loved it!  The liner applies smoothly and without the glittery, teeny-bopper look of most sparkly liner pencils.  There really isn’t any glitter to this pencil; it gets its namesake shimmer from a true metallic color, not from chunks of sparkly glitter.  It’s much more sophisticated and pretty than glitter.

I wore this liner to work today and am still loving it.  I have exceptionally oily skin, but my liner is still going strong, close to quitting time.  (Granted, I applied a rather thick layer so that the liner shows up like a gunmetal gray instead of a barely-there silver.)

Bottom line?  I love this liner, love the color, and would definitely buy it again.  At less than a dollar each, I would love to try other colors, especially blue or copper.


Sally Hansen No Chip

When I take the time to paint my nails, I want that manicure to last long enough to enjoy it!  I have no tolerance for chips.  So Sally Hansen’s No Chip Acrylic Top Coat sounded very promising to me.  Sally Hansen’s website promises this top coat “seals nail color” and “helps resist chipping and peeling”.

So I bought a bottle and tested it out.  I wasn’t impressed.  Within 24 hours of my manicure, the polish chipped off from several fingers.  Fine, I thought.  I’ll give it another chance.  I applied a fresh coat of color and another layer of No Chip.  The results were the same: almost instaneous chipping!

Perhaps this product should be called Chips A Lot, or something else more truthful in regards to its performance.  I gave this product one more shot, hoping it was the nail color that was the problem, but the different nail color also chipped right away. 

No Chip ended up in my trash can.  I give this product zero stars!  It’s terrible and actually seems to encourage chipping.  Not exactly what I look for in a top coat.