Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil

This was yet another impulse purchase, yet unlike most of my impulse purchases, I don’t regret this one!  I picked up a Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil in Silver for 69 cents at Walgreens, figuring if I didn’t like it, well, the kids could color with it!

I almost always wear black eyeliner, and even when I don’t, I prefer dark liners like navy or purple.  I decided to try this silver liner on its own and see how it looked.

I lined my eyes top and bottom with the silver pencil, and I instantly loved it!  The liner applies smoothly and without the glittery, teeny-bopper look of most sparkly liner pencils.  There really isn’t any glitter to this pencil; it gets its namesake shimmer from a true metallic color, not from chunks of sparkly glitter.  It’s much more sophisticated and pretty than glitter.

I wore this liner to work today and am still loving it.  I have exceptionally oily skin, but my liner is still going strong, close to quitting time.  (Granted, I applied a rather thick layer so that the liner shows up like a gunmetal gray instead of a barely-there silver.)

Bottom line?  I love this liner, love the color, and would definitely buy it again.  At less than a dollar each, I would love to try other colors, especially blue or copper.


One thought on “Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil

  1. I am definitely going to have to try this. I usually wear black liner (sometimes brown or dark green) but this one sounds pretty.

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