Avon’s Color Trend Lip Duo

I put Avon’s Color Trend Lip Duo in my online shopping cart, took it out, and put it back in several times, dubious that this product would be worth much. Finally I decided to give it a try, tempted by the lipstick/lipgloss combination. I ordered the Purple Pout duo, but it’s also available in Latte Love, Pink Fizz, and Wine ‘n Shine.

When my order arrived, I tried the lipstick first and was surpised how much I like it. Many plum colored lipsticks look intense in the tube but are watered down pinks on the lips. This one is very nice, not too dark, not too subtle.

The lipgloss part was also a pleasant surprise. A lot of pink lipglosses end up looking clear and not particularly interesting once applied, but this one is a nice, true pink, and applied sparingly, it is not sticky or gooey like a lot of lip glosses.

The Color Duos are also available in eyeshadow/eyeliners, but I haven’t tried those…yet.

My verdict: 5 stars out of 5, for a well-priced ($3.25) item with 2 pretty, flattering colors that fits easily in my purse.

P.S. One reviewer on commented on the way the lipstick smells like coconut, but I didn’t detect any noticable scent of either the lipstick or lipgloss.