e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder

e.l.f. is a brand sold in some chain stores, like select Target stores, but if you are like me, you need to rely on the online store for this brand.  On a recent Internet shopping trip to e.l.f., I saw the Studio Tone Correcting Powder, a multi-colored powder compact that is supposed to even out skin tone and absorb excess oil.

For $3, I decided, why not? 

When it arrived, my first impression is that the sleek black compact looks much more high-end than the $3 price tag.  The majority of lower-priced, drugstore pressed powders have the same cheap plastic compact, but this one is heavier, sturdier, has a larger mirror, and actually looks sharp.

My second observation?  This powder does not come with a puff inside the compact.  Perhaps the assumption is that you will lug around a powder brush to apply this. Not me.  I had some spare powder puffs, so I tucked one into the case.  The compact barely shuts with a puff inside, but it works.

The color combination of the powder goes on very pale, which is great for someone as white as a vampire like me, but it may not work well if your skin tone is darker than fair.  I apply it very lightly, because a little goes a long way.  It looks better applied with a brush, but if I use a light hand and blend any too-heavy spots, then the puff I put inside the compact works just fine too.

But is it any better than a regular pressed powder compact?  I truly don’t notice any skin correcting qualities, or anything that special about this powder.  The website claims that this powder is multi-colored because “the Blue neutralizes orange, the Green neutralizes red, the Pink neutralizes grey and the Yellow brightens and neutralizes red.”  It just looks like ordinary transluscent powder once it’s actually on my face, albeit a bit paler than the powders I’ve used before.

Which is not to say I wouldn’t buy this powder again.  I really like the compact and the large mirror inside.  And for less than a typical drugstore brand like Maybelline or Cover Girl, it works just as well but looks nicer.  So yes, I’d buy it again and recommend it to a friend, just with the caveat that I am not sold on any complexion-correcting claims!


My Wish List: e.l.f.’s Punk Funk Eye Shadow!

Every now and then I check out e.l.f.’s website, since the hick town I live in doesn’t offer any stores with these products. I’ve used their Brightening Eye Color before, and I was impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power of an eye shadow quad that ran a buck. (Granted, the triangles of color are very small, but come on, we’re not using a shovel to plaster the color on, are we? A little bit lasts a while.)

I was rounding up a refill of my favorite color combo, Silver Lining (a combination of purple, pink, and ivory), when I noticed that e.l.f. has added some new color combinations. My favorite of the newbies is Punk Funk, pictured here. Bright purple, hot pink, and intense purple! Not for the faint of heart, but exceptional, vivid colors, great for the upcoming summer season.

If you decide to pick up your own Punk Funk, or anything else from e.l.f.’s site, remember to search coupon codes! I am using CAROLINA for 50% of my entire order. Just enter “coupon code e.l.f.” into your search engine and take your pick.

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer: Part Two

I promised an update after testing e.l.f.’s Eyelid Primer for a third day. At lunchtime, the primer was still going strong, and it makes the eye shadow look very smooth. It even kept my colored eyeliner in place.

After work, I checked again, and voila! No creases or streaks. The trick to really getting this primer to strut its stuff is to start applying it in the creases of your lids, where naturally most creasing of the shadow will occur; to not apply too thickly; to be sure it’s applied evenly; to let it dry completely before applying shadow; and to help it out just a bit with a light dusting of face powder after it is dry.

This stuff isn’t perfect, as I noted, since on the first day of using it, I had some creasing of the shadow. However, even then, it stayed smooth and crease-free from about 7 AM until after 4 PM. Not bad for $1! I prefer the applicator over Urban Decay’s oddly bent one, and who wouldn’ t prefer the price ($1 vs. $15)?

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer

e.l.f. offers up this Eyelid Primer for just $1, so of course I had to take it for a spin. I’ve been spending about $15 on Urban Decay’s primer, which is great, but if I could replace it for a fraction of the cost, that would be even better!

My first day, I used e.l.f.’s Eyelid Primer with a shimmery brown eye shadow. The primer looks and applies like a concealer. It applies easily enough if you don’t have the applicator gooped up with too much primer. I dabbed at it with my finger to make sure it was even, let it dry, then tapped just a bit of powder over the primer as I powdered my face.

When I checked my eye shadow at lunch time, all was well! The shadow still looked smooth, creae-free. I have very oily skin, so that is an accomplishment unto itself.

At the end of the work day, though, there was definitely some creasing. I was disappointed the primer only made it half a day.

The second day, I used the primer beneath a darker, more matte brown eye shadow. The color stayed smooth and crease-free most of the work day. After a workout, the shadow was all but gone, but I’m not sure it’s fair to expect a primer to keep your shadow budge-free during a sweat session!

I am testing this primer again today with a light purple eye shadow, and I will check it at lunchtime and then again after work (but before my workout!) to see how it is holding up. I’ll post an update!

Christmas Shopping

The trouble with Christmas shopping? Finding a million things for ME instead…here are some of the items I am coveting right now!

This flocked sweater jacket comes to us from Coldwater Creek: Crafted from wool with velvet flocking, this jacket is a mix of bold, professional, feminine, and unique that I love. It would go great with these Jessica London peep-toe oxfords:

I couldn’t find a larger picture of these shoes, which is a shame, because the red oxford with black trim is gorgeous. For the more faint of heart, these shoes also come in basic black, brown and bone.

No wish list would be complete without something leopard-print! This Bijou tassel tote comes in black or leopard, my two favorite colors:

On the make-up front, I just noticed that e.l.f. has added a new line called Sugar Kiss. Part of this collection is a set of glittery eyeliners in a color combo called Shooting Star that I’d love to try:

For $1 per set, these would make cool stocking stuffers for all make-up junkies who need a quick fix!

e.l.f. Eye Primer/Liner Sealer

e.l.f.’s Eye Primer/Liner Sealer is a product I really wanted to like. One side of this item primes the lids for eyeshadow, while the other glides across any eyeshadow to transform the color into a personalized eyeliner.

The company’s website describes the product this way:

” The Prime side sets your eyeshadow in so your color won’t fade, bleed or crease. The Liner side transforms your favorite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner with this unique clear liquid and built-in felt tip precision eyeliner brush. Now you can have your eye makeup lasting longer for no fuss no budge color. “

For $3 it was worth a shot, right?

I’ve tried the primer side a few times, giving it as many second chances as a bad boyfriend. It performed about as well, too. It’s pretty bad when the primer itself streaks and leaves nasty looking lines across your lids! Definitely not a keeper. It’s hard to apply because the primer is like an oversized concealer stick, next to impossible to evenly coat your lids, especially at the crease.

The liner sealer side digs into the eyeshadow and essentially messes it up for use as an eyeshadow later. I liked being able to wear some of my shadow colors as liner, but the color goes on very faint. I’d rather just buy a colored eyeliner pencil than deal with this mess.

I truly like some of e.l.f.’s products, but this is not one of them. After several attempts to find redeeming traits in this item, it finally found itself in the bottom of my trash can this morning!

e.l.f. Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm

e.l.f. is a hit-or-miss brand, cheap enough that it’s worth trying new products without much concern if you end up hating it, and sometimes hitting bullseye with a great, low-price item that really performs.

e.l.f.’s Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm is one such product. It promises no miracles, doesn’t try to plump up your lips, doesn’t proclaim to give you color that will last through the end of time. This product, according to the website is “Salvation for parched lips. This innovative lip balm coats lips with natural nutrients and skin soothers to condition even the most sensitive lips. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamins A & E for long lasting protection.”

Setting me back one dollar, I decided to try Strawberry Creme. It also comes in orange, vanilla, and blackberry creme. There’s no color to the lip balm, and I really can’t discern a strawberry taste or scent, but I love this lip balm anyway.

I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of lipstick. Give me something I can grab from my purse and slick on without fussing with a mirror. This lip balm is smooth and not sticky, and it protects my lips and keeps them soft. Recently I had a very bad cold and my lips were getting chapped, so I started wearing this lip balm even to bed, and it did the trick. No more chapped lips!

The worst thing about many lip balms is the sticky, thick, unpleasant feeling they leave on my lips. Yuck. I like that this lip balm is light but still conditions and softens. And hey, it’s a dollar.

If you plan to order online, be sure to check out these coupon codes first!