My Wish List: e.l.f.’s Punk Funk Eye Shadow!

Every now and then I check out e.l.f.’s website, since the hick town I live in doesn’t offer any stores with these products. I’ve used their Brightening Eye Color before, and I was impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power of an eye shadow quad that ran a buck. (Granted, the triangles of color are very small, but come on, we’re not using a shovel to plaster the color on, are we? A little bit lasts a while.)

I was rounding up a refill of my favorite color combo, Silver Lining (a combination of purple, pink, and ivory), when I noticed that e.l.f. has added some new color combinations. My favorite of the newbies is Punk Funk, pictured here. Bright purple, hot pink, and intense purple! Not for the faint of heart, but exceptional, vivid colors, great for the upcoming summer season.

If you decide to pick up your own Punk Funk, or anything else from e.l.f.’s site, remember to search coupon codes! I am using CAROLINA for 50% of my entire order. Just enter “coupon code e.l.f.” into your search engine and take your pick.


NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder

Yet another impulse buy, but unlike most impulse buys, this is one I was actually glad I bought. I’ve seen NYC’s Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder in stores, and I’ve read great reviews about it, so when I was deliberating my next frivolous cosmetics purchase in the Wal-mart make-up aisles, I grabbed the Color Wheel in Beyond the Sea (colors below):

The first challenge with this product is how to apply it, as each individual color is rather tiny, and the eye shadow does not come with an applicator. I bought a small pack of disposable eye shadow applicators and was on my way.

One pet peeve I have with eye shadow sets is that I typically like a handful of colors in the set and would never dream of touching the rest of the odd, not-for-me colors in the palette. However, I like all of the colors in the Beyond the Sea color set, from a shimmery light brown to a deep brown to a pale aqua. My favorite is the shimmery brown, but the aqua looks great with a bold, black liquid eyeliner to offset its light color.

For a whopping $3.99, this is a great product. The eye shadow colors stay true and apply smoothly. The shimmery colors are not cheap glitter and don’t shed glitter all over your face like some other sparkly shadows I have tried. They’re just the right touch of dazzle for your eyes, but still subtle and classy.

I have yet to be disappointed by NYC’s cosmetics, and I wish stores around here carried a more extensive selection of their items. I’m a fan of their lipsticks especially, which I’ve reviewed here: NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear.

The Color Wheels come in 5 color options:

Brown Sugar
Beyond the Sea
Pink Cadillac
Brown Eyed Girl
Purple Rain

My only complaint is the lack of an applicator that can remain with the eye shadow case. For such a low price, I can deal with it, but I wonder why an applicator isn’t part of the price.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion

Maybe you have to endure crazy-oily skin too, to fully appreciate this product: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. I resisted trying this product because (a) it costs $16, and (b) so many other products claimed to keep eye shadow from creasing on oily skin but failed miserably. After reading almost universal rave reviews about this particular product, though, I decided to test drive it.

I’m on my 3rd bottle of this stuff. I am extremely impressed with it. If you have oily skin, then you know the ugly, greasy streaks your eyeshadow ends up glopping into after just a few hours, especially in the crease of the eyelid. It is impossible for me to wear eye shadow because of this; I know someday I will be grateful for my oily skin, as it’s very resistant to wrinkles, but for now, “thankful” is not exactly the word I would choose!

I ordered my first bottle of this eye shadow primer from Sephora almost 2 years ago and have been a die-hard fan ever since. A little goes a long way, so although one bottle is $16, I can make one bottle last about 6 months. A very thin layer is all you need, and be sure to apply it evenly and gently pat out any streaks or lines, because once it dries, this stuff is set for the rest of the day.

Be forewarned, also, that the eye shadow color will be intensified with the primer underneath, so start lighter than usual with eye shadow until you get used to it.

I make sure I apply the primer to the crease of my eyelids, since that’s where my shadow likes to gunk up. I’ve fallen asleep without washing my make-up off (I know, a big no-no) and have woken up with my eye shadow still intact if I used this primer. It’s not fail-proof, naturally, and if I wear dark eye shadows, I still see some creasing by the end of the day, but not nearly as much as without the primer.

And hey…the bottle is cool!