New Year’s Eve Make-Up Tips

I love New Year’s Eve and the sense of a new start, a new beginning, the celebrating, the excitement. If you are heading out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, here are some holiday make-up tips from

1. Play up the eyes or the mouth. Never do a dark, smokey eye and a red lip, unless you are performing burlesque. Choose one or the other. For eyes, consider a smokey gray this year instead of black or brown. If playing up lips, try both lipstick and gloss. First apply liner all over lips, dot lipstick with your finger and follow with a light (not heavy) gloss.

2. Keep nails short and rounded. What’s not hot? Long, fake talons. What’s chic is short nails that are rounded, not squared. Dark colors for nails are still hot for the holidays.

3. Don’t overdue the statement jewelry. Big jewelry pieces are hot, hot, hot, but make sure you wear them correctly. Don’t wear a large necklace, a chunky ring and big earrings. Choose 1-2 statement pieces and keep your other jewelry quiet and subdued. You can do either a strong necklace and tiny earrings and rings OR a statement ring and statement earrings.

4. Color your hair. If you have gray hair or blah hair, get thee to the drugstore or the salon and color your hair. If you’re doing it yourself, stay within a shade or two of your natural color. Covering up gray hairs and roots will add oomph to your holiday look.

5. Go for dewy skin by applying moisturizer under concealer and/or foundation. Add shimmer to eyes, cheeks or chest area, but don’t overdo it with all three. Apply a shimmer moisturizer (Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance, from drugstores) to legs if you’re going bare.

For some product suggestions, check out‘s article, “New Year’s Eve Make Up Ideas: Sparkle!”

Happy New Year!


Make-Up Tips: When You’re Sick!

If you’ve caught the latest flu bug trotting around like I have, then you already know the challenge of applying make-up or appearing semi-human when your skin is super-oily, your nose is red and chapped, and your eyes are watery and painful!

Toya Smith Marshall offers these sick-day beauty tips on The Beauty Ideal:

“I’ve seen that, lots of times, women try to cover up their “sick face.” Honey, give it a rest – you can’t cover up the fact that you’re sick … you just can’t. When you’re sick, trust me … less is more.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This time of year, our skin tends to get dry, anyway. But if you’re blowing your nose constantly, that area is going to get reddened and dry and flaky. Make sure to add extra moisturizer in any dry areas. Use a thicker moisturizer than you use on the rest of your face. It’s okay to use a bit of eye cream, which tends to be a heavier cream, or even a bit of Vaseline, around your nose.

2. It’s probably not best to use powder foundation. Using powder will only exacerbate any dryness or flakiness. If you do want to use powder, only dust it on places that aren’t dried out – dust a little on your forehead and cheeks, to keep down shine. If you do want to use foundation, try a more moisturizing formulation, like a stick or liquid foundation and only put it where you need it.

3. Concealer is your friend. Use it under your eyes, to counter any darkness that may result from those sleepless nights spent coughing and sneezing. Also, apply it around your nose, to counter the redness. Stick concealer is good, because it’s portable so you can reapply during the day and because it tends to be a bit heavier. When applying it to your dry, red nose, make sure to rub in a bit of moisturizer first, so you aren’t calling attention to any dryness.

4. Blush! You have to use blush. If you have dry skin, use a creamy formulation or use powder, if you have normal or oily skin. Blush will instantly brighten your face.

Eye Make Up Colors for Your Eye Color

Since the results of my current poll (at right) are that my readers consider liquid eyeliner the most difficult make-up product to apply, I was searching for more tips on applying liquid eyeliner. Instead I found this great, short article about choosing make-up colors to compliment your eye color, from

Eyeliner should be a must-have staple in every girl’s makeup kit. Eyeliner allows you to shape, define and emphasize your eyes. Using different shades of eyeliner also allows you to change the look of your eye color. Blue eyes look bluer with brown shades of pencil, while green eyes pop with dark shades of plum. Using different tones on brown eyes will pick up golden flecks or brighten a deep dark brown eye.

Click here for the full article, with specific color ideas and suggestions for different eye colors.

Here are some tips for liquid eyeliner from this article:

When using liquid eye liner, (this is my specialty :), The first thing you should do is make sure the brush is extremely thin! If it isn’t, your line will be too thick and hard to manage while putting on.

It’s best to buy cosmetics from stores that will take them back. Or ask on cosmetic message boards what others like. I have found, after trying virtually every brand on the market, that wetn’wild has the best thin tipped brush out there! And the color doesn’t peel off like some other liquid eyeliners.

Wipe the excess off when you pull the brush out of the tube. I find that if you wipe access on a clean piece of plastic, when you need to re-load the bush, use the extra that was left on the plastic. It not only saves on the eye liner but you can control how much is on your brush. Plus you can avoid tainting the liner in the tube with germs.

Always apply liquid eye liner after eyeshadow application and allow to dry before applying mascara.

Use liquid eye liner on top and pencil for the bottom.

My personal favorite: L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

Make Lashes Look Fuller

This is an oldie-but-goodie from Prevention magazine, by make-up artist Bobbi Brown:

Question: How can I make my eyelashes look fuller?

Answer: Double line your eyelids: This eyeliner trick creates the illusion of fullness by darkening the roots of lashes, whereas the alternative–extra mascara–often leaves a clumpy spider-eye effect. Use an eyeliner brush to apply a dark powder shadow (brown or charcoal appear more natural than black) to each upper lid.

Make sure the line is thick and smudgy, which adds more depth than one that’s skinny. Then, dampen the brush and, using a stamping motion, layer a thinner line over the first line. Repeat on your bottom lids; finish with a coat of thickening mascara.

Something I like to try is using liquid liner first, then going back over that line with my Sephora Liner Electro in Black Electro. This darkens and deepens the line, adds some subtle sparkle, and definitely makes my eyes stand out.

Summer Beauty

Sun, heat, humidity, sweat…the summertime brings its own special package of beauty challenges, but here are some tips to get through the season:

First, ladies and gentlemen, always REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN. Don’t make me say it again. There is nothing beautiful about flaky, peeling, painfully red skin, or for that matter, about sheer stupidity. The message about sun damage and skin cancer is out there, loud and clear. No excuses; use sunscreen already.

These tips are from

  • Let your skin breathe and use sheer makeup that serve more than one purposes. It is important to keep the humidity locked in as sweating dries skin out. So, lock away your foundation for the season and use a light moisturizer with sun block instead.
  • Cheek sticks and crème eye colors are easy to apply and last longer in summer.
  • If you must apply foundation, mix it with loose powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.
  • Eyes should be done simply. Use neutral and soft shimmery eye shadow on lids and work on lashes instead.
  • Go for the nude natural look for the lips. Even for evening parties, it is preferable to use loose shimmer powder on arms and neck and a soft gloss on lips.

One last tip from yours truly: remember to get real. When it’s soaring past 100 degrees and it’s so humid there are moisture droplets dangling breathlessly in the air, give up trying to look flawless and fresh as a daisy. It’s hot. Keep a dose of reality on stand-by and remember to have fun and be safe, above all else.