Claudia Stevens Lid & Lip Primer Base

My ongoing quest for an effective eye shadow primer led me into Sally Beauty Supply recently, and I decided to try Claudia Stevens Lid and Lip Primer Base.  I had never heard of this brand, but the saleswoman assured me it is a good one.  I nodded but made a mental note to keep my receipt, just in case.  Good thing.

The product description claims that this item is “makeup before the makeup”, to prevent color fading, creasing, and bleed.  Sounds good, right?

I tried the eye primer first.  My first thought about the primer stick was that it just looked greasy.  How the hell would an oily primer keep eye shadow from creasing?  It applies like a lipstick, or concealer stick, and I topped it with a light dusting of powder before applying eye shadow.

My first reaction to this product was dead-on.  This primer encouraged creasing and actually made it look worse than not wearing primer at all.  I tried it a few more times, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and each time my shadow almost immediately creased and looked terrible.

I also tried the lip base, just to see if it could offset the crappy performance of the lid primer.  It ended up making my lip color goop up and collect in the corners of my lips, which is not especially attractive.  Not only that, but my lipstick didn’t last any longer with this base than without it.

I wasn’t impressed, to say the least.  I grabbed my receipt, stuffed this product back into its box, and returned it for a refund.  Out of five stars, I have to give this one a zero.  Not doing what it claims is one thing; actually making make-up look worse is downright appalling.  Save your money on this one!


Sally Girl Mini Lipstick: "1st Crush"

Sally Beauty Supply carries a fun line of cosmetics called Sally Girl, mini-sized items like lipstick, nail polish, and eyeshadow in classic and non-traditional colors. Almost all of them are 99 cents, priced just right for experimenting and playing.

I did just that recently and bought a Sally Girl Mini Lipstick in 1st Crush (pictured). The color appears deceptively dark in the tiny tube, but I was pleased that the color goes on almost sheer, allowing its intensity to be built up or played down depending how much you apply.

I love this color! With fair skin and dark hair, I have to be careful choosing lipstick colors. Too dark, and I resemble a goth-wanna-be. This color is just deep enough for impact, sheer enough to not overwhelm.

I haven’t tried any of the other lipsticks, but I also picked up a Sally Girl Nail Color in Surf’s Up. The nail polish is cheap, thin, and runny, but it was worth some patience and 3 coats of polish, because Surf’s Up is a gorgeous turquoise color that I have received several compliments on already. Just be prepared to apply 2 or 3 coats for even, opaque color.

Savvy Nail Lacquer: Golden Honey

I haven’t been inside a Sally Beauty Supply store in a long time, but I wandered into one this weekend on a quest for a new, unique nail polish, something I don’t usually wear, something different from the row upon row of nail polish I already have (mostly reds and dark pinks).

I really like the Orly nail polish they sell there, but I spotted a bottle of Savvy Nail Lacquer in Golden Honey and was hooked. I like its gold sheen without an overt, futuristic metallic glint, and thank god, no glitter!

Since I have fair skin and dark hair, I have stayed away from gold tones, favoring silver. I did my nails last night and love how this color looks against my skin. It’s a luxurious gold color, very holiday-appropriate, pretty and classy.

I like the heavy, square glass bottle too. I thought the brush could have been fuller to make application easier and faster, but no real major complaints.

The nail polish was $3.99 at the store but is slightly cheaper if you have a Beauty Club Card.