Pink Leopard Print Heels: Need I Say More?

Not one to resist anything leopard print, I admit to nearly squealing like a valley girl when I saw these pink and ivory leopard shoes on These shoes have several things going for them: (1) they are leopard print (my fetish for leopard has already been covered); (2) the heels don’t look like towering threats to my ability to walk or impending knee pain inflicters; and (3) the peep-toe would show off a mean pedicure.

Oh yeah, and they go for $22.80 online. One big drawback: Forever21 seems to only have whole sizes in shoes, so if you wear a half size like me, you are going to have to choose between shoes that are a pinch too damn small or half a size too big. Neither option is terribly appealing.

Also, pink is not a color that runs rampant in my wardrobe. I wish these shoes came in a traditional, black-and-brown or gray-and-black leopard print option for those of us who love leopard but take the girliness down a notch or two by not swathing ourselves in head-to-toe pink.


Mary Jane Pumps

Meet Morgan! That’s the cutesy name of these Mary Jane pumps from Target. Unfortunately this photo from the website makes them look like frumpy, geriatric librarian shoes, like I should wear them with my knee-high stockings rolled down to my ankles. Just take my word for it, they are adorable shoes.

As much as I love shoes, I hardly ever buy any. I have a strong practical streak that doesn’t let me buy shoes just because they’re cute, and I’ll talk myself out of a purchase each time.

Except this time! These shoes have a 2 inch heel, and after being frustrated with 4 inch heels on every damn pair of shoes I see, I was excited to see a pair of shoes I can actually wear to work and not have to limp home on battered toes and throbbing feet. I like that they will look great with long or short skirts, as well as with a suit or trousers. When I tried them on and they were actually comfortable, I was sold.

As an honorable mention, I also love these peep-toe heeled booties, but alas, a 3.5 inch heel is too much torture for me.

Fall Line Up: Shoes!

Fall is my favorite season, and definitely my favorite wardrobe. I love snuggly sweaters, boots, jackets, deep colors, and rich textures.

While shopping for sandals on sale (now’s the time to get great prices on sandals, ladies), I got excited about some new styles of shoes for fall over at

Okay, I cheated, and the white sandals are clearly not fall shoes, but they were so cute I wanted to feature them here anyway (and they’re on sale for $29.99!) Each photo above is a link to the product description on Easy Spirit’s website.

My favorite is the simple, sleek black boot on top. They also come in a beautiful dove gray suede, and in brown. I love that they can be dressed up with slacks for work, or add class to a pair of blue jeans.

But back to the white sandals…wouldn’t they look adorable with a light sundress? And in my closet?

Rocket Dog Shoe Fetish!

I’m going to blame my boyfriend Gary for my shoe fetish, since he bought me a pair of black polka dot wedge sandals last year that gathered so many compliments, I started really paying attention to shoes. And wanting shoes! When I’m up to my neck in debt but have a breathtaking shoe collection, we know who to blame, don’t we?

I saw these online recently (above) and adore them. They’re the Rocket Dog Cuba, and there’s something both old-fashioned and modern about them that I find irrestible.

These red sandals (at right) don’t match a thing in my closet, but I love them and wanted to give them an honorable mention! These are the Rocket Dog Patty Cake sandals in Foxy Red…and luckily for me, they also come in black!

And…if you really want to show your Lipstick Graffiti love…how about the Rocket Dog Exam pink plaid shoes (below)? The plaid is reminiscent of my blog background, so how could I possibly not love them?

I Covet…these Sandals!

I love these wildly impractical sandals by Charles David, made with patent leather and studded with grommet accents! The 4 1/4″ inch is a bit much for me, but the shoes are sexy, tough, and feminine in a growling tigress kind of way. They would look smoldering with a swingy little black skirt and bare leg.

If you have never tried online shoe shopping with Piper Lime, check them out. They offer free shipping and free returns, so if your dashing sandals turn out to be too small, heels too high, or the wrong color, you can rest easy knowing you can send them right back, for free!

I ordered a pair of sandals from them a few months ago, and I got to test out their return policy when the sandals pinched the sides of my toes. I just packed the box back up, peeled off the return address sticker, placed that on the box, and dropped it at the post office. My money was refunded promptly, no hassles, no questions.

If you happen to order these sandals, please let me know how you like ’em!