Grape Cuticle Treatment

I read this in an old copy of Fitness magazine (April 2009), and I can’t wait to try it! It’s a simple homemade recipe for a nail and cuticle treatment:

5 grapes (red ones are packed with more antioxidants than green)
1 tablespoon sugar
Grapeseed oil or hand cream

1. Slice grapes in half widthwise
2. Dip the fleshy side into the sugar and use it to massage the skin around each nail (one halved grape per finger) for about 30 seconds each.
3. Brush away excess sugar with a soft towel and rub a dot of grapeseed oil or hand cream onto hands and cuticles.

The sugar crystals remove dead skin and hangnails, and the gentle fruit acids help exfoliate remaining raggedness.


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